Administering costs and reducing taxes – these challenging tasks play an increasingly important role in the success of corporate management.  This particularly applies in the complex process of determining and managing our high indirect taxes. Added to these difficulties is the fact that Brazilian ICMS (Value-Added Sales and Services Tax) legislation in Brasília differs from that in force in all other States of Brazil.  Moreover, the constant and significant changes in these laws and their potential impacts further complicate management of these taxes.

In this scenario, Focus Tributos is a state-of-the-art and effective consulting organization specializing in indirect taxes.  Our operating tactic focuses on our clients’ production chain (suppliers – company - customers).

Focus Tributos has a reputation for handling highly complex engagements, to which it brings structured indirect tax solutions, even in the case of companies impacted by financial and economic problems.

Our firm was founded in November 2001 and consists of a group of professionals who have always specialized in indirect tax consulting services.

Focus Tributos brings to its clients in-depth knowledge of taxes and their impacts on the Brazilian business environment.