Focus Tributos has developed a unique methodology. All our work considers the activities of our clients as a whole throughout the productive chain. This enables us to clearly identify and quantify all the tax impacts arising from the company’s transactions.

Among the many benefits deriving from this approach are:

  • Consolidation of the tax cost throughout the production chain;
  • Identification of the tax cost associated with the scale of the operation;
  • Maximization of the operation, with a tax reduction;
  • Aggregation of tax data for taking technical and strategic decisions.


All Focus Tributos engagements are directed towards:

  • Structured solutions;
  • Consistent overview;
  • Auto-sustainability.

To ensure the above, the Focus Tributos professionals employ state-of-the-art work methodologies, all of them successfully tested in a number of companies.

After performing their work with the respective application of the recommendations received, the company will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Rationalization of tax procedures;
  • Prior awareness of any potential tax contingencies;
  • Rectification of operations prior to tax authority actions;
  • Reduction and possible elimination of tax contingencies;
  • Standardization of procedures;
  • Preventive utilization of all tax management tools;
  • Customized service - our relationship with our clients is the basis for our services;
  • Close involvement with the client’s professional staff in order to identify the best solutions to all tax and economic matters relating to the engagement.

It is the opinion of Focus Tributos that a successful engagement is one that:

  • Meets the established target;
  • Meets the expectations of the interested parties;
  • Is delivered by the established deadline;
  • Is performed to budget.